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Moonlit Haven Homestead

The Homestead is all about our little life. You’ll find everything from raising animals, gardening, mom life, diy and building, chickens, ducks, bunnies and rabid kids, as well as homemade products, eggs and other homesteading things.

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Moonlit Haven Healing

Moonlit Haven Healing is all about all things that heal the body, mind and soul. Items such as salves, tinctures, lotions, candles, tea and crystals all made with passion and love. With the occasional foraging trip for mushrooms, and berries, and medicinal herbs.

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Moonlit Haven Creations

Our Creations side of things are all art and creativity related. Here is where you will find, artwork, silver jewelry, stickers, pins, planners, and printouts. Our themes are ever changing but we love crystals, the moon, mushrooms, frogs and moths.

Find Your Haven Under the Moon Light.

About Moonlit Haven

Moonlit Haven is owned and operated by Kim, a single mom of two littles living in the PNW. With fifteen and counting chickens, two ducks, a rabbit and two cats this little homestead is only beginning. Kim’s passions are crystals, the moon, making jewelry, foraging for medicinal herbs, gardening, digital illustration and design, as well as all the animals.

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